The Booksville Training Course

The Booksville training course trains young people in the acquisition of knowledge, data analysis, research, writing, machine learning, cognitive chess and volunteerism for a more holistic development.

A Social Excursion

Recently, I discussed the effects of our over-reliance on social media with a friend. I told him all the measures I’d taken to ensure I reduce my reliance on social media.

Reflections of a Reformer

Reflections of a Reformer
I am a Reformer. It is my firm resolve to make the world a better place. It is my act of service to humanity. I choose to groom the next generation of world-class leaders.
And this transformation begins with my decision – the firm decision to be a Reformer.

Booksville Mobile Library Project

Booksville is a mobile library project that provides children with books specifically handpicked according to the age and needs of each child to enable them develop good reading habits.