The Booksville Training Course

The Booksville training course trains young people in the acquisition of knowledge, data analysis, research, writing, machine learning, cognitive chess and volunteerism for a more holistic development. 

Reformation, through the Booksville Training Course, aims to equip young people with the requisite tools and skills needed to create development in the society. At the end of each course, we will pass on to this generation and future ones, the recognition of the importance of sustainable development and the willingness to push for societal progress. One of the main ways we intend to achieve this is through education. 

Through the course we create value, communicate value and distribute value.

What We Mean by Value

To us, value translates into having a society that desires progress and works towards it.

What kind of value are we creating?

Quality Human Resource. 

How we create the value

We create value by taking trainees through a year’s course where we require the trainees to read, analyze and critique books, to take part in intense volunteering workshops and to take part in short courses on leadership and intellectual development.

Use of value

At the end of the course, the trainee becomes a certified volunteer with enough skills to replicate the Booksville mobile library project and other social projects in various communities in the country.

Recipients of the value

The Ghanaian society.


  • Readers are Leaders.
  •  To Africans, for Africans, by Africans.
  • Telling the African Story, the African Way.

Summary of the Training Course

  • A year’s course 
  •  Two semesters 
  •  Five months in each semester 
  • First semester for reading clinics; reading critiquing and analyzing African literature/philosophy.   
  •  Second semester for trainings and workshops 
  • Booksville Anthropology published at the end of the year with literary pieces from students as authors. 
  • Certificates to be handed out at the end of the course.
  • At the end of the training session, the student qualifies to be a Reformation volunteer.
  • Volunteers ready for community engagement. Community engagement involves working with global non-profits as volunteers and interns.

If you are interested in registering for our 2024 Booksville training course, contact our programs coordinator at 0598587374 or send an email to