Reflections of A Reformer

I am a Reformer. It is my firm resolve to make the world a better place. It is my act of service to humanity. I choose to groom the next generation of world-class leaders. 

And this transformation begins with my decision – the firm decision to be a Reformer. 

The next phase, perhaps the most important, is finding exactly what Reformers do. Reformers change things and the first thing I wish to change is the mind. Why? The mind is powerful; it can do anything it averts itself to. Once I can capture the minds of people, I would be a great Reformer. I aim to make the future a better one, so I focus on the group in charge of the future. My focus is on reforming the minds of children and young people. 

They hold the key to the future.

Sadly, I have discovered that these children who are supposed to be the agents of my task do not even know how to read and write. That’s a big problem there! How do I keep being a Reformer? I have to take care of this first hurdle in order to reach my goal. I must find means to teach these children how to read and write perfectly. I must teach them how to read comprehensively. I must build their minds: the very machine room for the future I want to see.

Then, I must help them build their reasoning and critical analysis. Of course they have to be exposed to how they must lead the great future we all want to see. I must forewarn them of the likely obstacles on the road to “the future”.  Does this look like a daunting task? Certainly! But the good news is, I’m very much dedicated to being a Reformer. I want to see things change. 

I look forward to the future where we can all read and write.

I have dreamed many years of Reformation. This is my chance to envision the change. And this is my chance to play a pivotal role in the process of change. This is the way I get to live since “true life is lived when tiny changes occur”. 

I want to live. 

I want to reform. 

I am a Reformer.