About Us

Reformation Community is a Non-Governmental Organization that is passionate about bringing change to the society one problem-solver at a time.

We are developing a self-motivated generation of problem solvers.

Our mission is summarized in the following steps. 

  • To provide children in their formative years with education that will develop them holistically. 
  • To ensure that future generations inherit a society that adequately caters to their needs. 
  • To produce more legally literate persons in the society.

Reformation Community is made up of young adults equipped with unique experiences and knowledge in various fields of studies, including Law, Information Technology, Business Administration, Economics, Insurance and Political Science. These young adults hold key leadership positions in the society, and love to work towards positive change.


Our Story

There is no peculiar story to the formation of Reformation Community; just a series of events that culminated to establish the organization. The main reason the organization was formed is premised on the fact that societal development is a collective effort which must engage both the government and the citizenry. It is believed that every sector of a society has a role to play in sustainable development and Reformation aims to equip citizens with the requisite tools and skills needed for that development. 

The Whys

When children have access to education, they grow up with a greater understanding of the consequences of their actions, a greater sense of responsibility for the things around them, and more reasoned judgments on governmental policies which address the needs of their communities.

By providing society with the requisite knowledge and understanding of the importance of keeping the environment, and joining the global fight for a sustainable environment, Reformation believes that each generation will be able to use and inherit a society that adequately caters to their needs.

It is said that Law is the foundation of every society, and that without the order Law provides, there would be no society at all. 

Whether it is the payment of taxes or the registering of a business, many citizens do not know about some basic laws that are needed to function in society. 

By providing basic legal knowledge, the quality of life of citizens increases exponentially. 

Our Projects

We’re constantly working to find solutions to societal problems. Our projects are targeted towards the underprivileged and the younger generation. Sustainable development is a  collective effort and we believe equipping these groups is a step in the right direction.