Change To The World

Reformation Community is a Non-Governmental Organization that was formed to address problems in the Ghanaian society, specifically through education, intergenerational equity and legal literacy.

Who We Are

We are an Afrocentric community of young people determined to bring societal change by leveraging on our unique fields of study; Law, STEM, Business and the Creative Arts.

What We Do

Reformation Community equips young people with the requisite skill set and tools to become self – motivated problem solvers. The aim of the NGO is to ensure that this generation and future ones understand the importance of sustainable development and are willing to push for societal progress.



Booksville is a mobile library project that provides children between the ages of seven to fifteen years with books specially chosen and specifically handpicked according to the ages and the needs of each child. The goal of Booksville is to equip children with the reading skills they lack and encourage them to read more.

Partners & Sponsors

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Recent Publications

The Booksville Training Course

The Booksville training course trains young people in the acquisition of knowledge, data analysis, research, writing, machine learning, cognitive chess and volunteerism for a more holistic development.

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A Social Excursion

Recently, I discussed the effects of our over-reliance on social media with a friend. I told him all the measures I’d taken to ensure I reduce my reliance on social media.

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