Support A Worthy Cause

Sustainable development is a collective effort. 

It is only with your help that we will be able to achieve our goals.. 

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. 

Help us make the society a better one.

Ways to Give

Bank Deposit

Bank Name: Cal Bank

Account Number: 1400005947555

Account Name: Ewura Ama K. Jenkins

Branch: Tema Industrial Area

Mobile Money

You can make a donation via  Mobile Money on:

024 184 6384


A Social Excursion

Recently, I discussed the effects of our over-reliance on social media with a friend. I told him all the measures I’d taken to ensure I reduce my reliance on social media.

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Reflections of a Reformer

Reflections of a Reformer
I am a Reformer. It is my firm resolve to make the world a better place. It is my act of service to humanity. I choose to groom the next generation of world-class leaders.
And this transformation begins with my decision – the firm decision to be a Reformer.

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